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We, Opus Rex are a five-piece rock band that was founded on 20 December 2013. The members consist of Tony Nouragas (Vocals), Graehme Floyd (Guitar and Backup Vocals), Tyse Burrows (Keyboards), Emrik Burrows (Bass Guitar) and Karl Sloman (Drums/Percussion and Backup vocals). We are all from London, Ontario came together after each of us gaining extensive experience in other bands. Each member was looking to find other musicians that had a common ability, drive and taste in music; Opus Rex was that result.

Our name comes from Opus (artistic work) and Rex (king). We liked the sound of the name and went with it. We also had names like Speedicus Rex that made the short list as well. The Tyrannosaurus Rex made perfect sense as it represents power and aggression and has since become our mascot (her name is Nipper). Now we just have to find a live specimen for our videos and stage show!

We initially exploded onto the scene and within 6 weeks began opening for other acts culminating in the opening for the band Bobnoxious a well known local band. That evening after the performance were offered a headlining show which was followed up by two more within as many weeks. Unfortunately we had a setback when we lost our vocalist; however, he was quickly replaced within a month and Opus Rex 2.0 was on the way. This was followed up by the addition of a new bass player (someone we had been after for a very long time) which resulted in Opus Rex 2.1, its present configuration.

Although the influences of the band are varied and extensive some common influences include: Rush, Dream Theater, Tool, Slipknot, Bach, Yngwie Malmsteen, Wagner and Duke Ellington.

Our band has a strong belief in human rights along with social justice and political interests. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are conglomeration of five immensely talented musicians that are all substance free. We also pride ourselves on being approachable to our fans, and adore fan interactions! So if you like us, tell us and you WILL get a response.